I don’t like the drugs but the drugs (sort of) like me.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, ,stay at home mum, red tape bureaucrat or a serial blogger we should watch what we put into our bodies. The reality is often different. Convenience, cost,taste,knowledge etc. are all factors.
The same shouldn’t be said for medicines. Ideally we only put the very best, fit for purpose drugs into our bodies and nothing else. The problem is that the drugs available arent prescribed in that manner, especially when it comes to TBI. It’s more a “try this drug which is known to treat this symptom, which is kind of similar to what you’ve described”. That can mean a lot of unnecessary trial and error for you to go through.

Ive been asked a lot about the medications I was prescribed so here goes. Before I do, here’s my disclaimer – I’m not a doctor and what you’re reading is my opinion based on my experience. Make sure you speak with a health professional to get their advice.

So anyway, some were for the headaches, pressure, the all important sleep or a combination of them.  A quick google search should show you local brand names if you need them.  You’ll see that many of them are ‘catch all’ drugs. Designed for one purpose and prescribed in the hope it would help with my symptoms. I’ve also commented on measurable differences and any side effects as I’m super sensitive to some drugs and not others.

Amitryiptyline hydrochloride 10mg
Nortyptiline 10mg
To help with migraine type symptoms and sleep.  The Amitryiptyline left me feeling stupified and zombielielike for the following day, so we tried nortyptiline – same result.  Keep an eye on this if you intend to operate machinery, play contact sports, look after small children etc. Not only that, I get a crawling sensation over my skin like when youre coming down with the flu. This branch of drugs are prescribed for so many ailments and issues, don’t be surprised if half a dozen people around you are on it as well.

Melatonin 2mg. Melatonin to assist with the ice pick head aches but also doubles as a sleeping aid. Your body naturally creates melatonin so this seems pretty safe. I found it a useful sleeping aid to get me to sleep, not as useful for keeping me asleep during the night.

Zopiclone 7.5mg tab. This is something you want to get your hands on but be careful, it can pack a punch and its addictive.  The important thing to remember is that sleep is critical, you must have it, and it is an essential part of your rehabilitation. Theres a balance to be had of course so when you’re using this stuff or melatonin or anything else to assist with sleep, be very open about it with your doctor/ health specialist or significant other.

Magnesium amino acid chelate 250mg. Magnesium (not so much a drug as a vitamin) is easy enough to get off the shelf but you wouldnt believe how many differing opinions there are on this when oxidiation is discussed.

Topiramate which is normally prescribed for migraines, 12.5 mg a night and the dose up titrated (a fancy term i learned along the way) to 100mg twice daily.

My approach to taking meds during my rehab is probably described as best intentions, at times poorly executed.  Regularly taking pills x times per day before or after food, 1-2 hours before bed or whatever just doesnt fit my lifestyle. When I’m disciplined I’m really disciplined,  when I’m not, well……I’m not. My daily diary (which I can share in a later blog if there’s interest) has helped highlight the effects of this.

So that covers the medicines I’ve been prescribed and, with the exception of the amytriptiline and nortyptiline, continue to take.

In the next blog I’ll cover some of the challenges I think you’ll face trying to treat concussion symptoms with intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet.

Thats probably about enough for now,take care and good luck with the rehab




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