The word is getting out there….

So a lot has been happening since my last blog. Rather than overwhelm you in a single post I’ll chunk it up into useful bite sized topics that should also prove easier for future reference.

In this one you’ll find podcast and YouTube links to an interview I gave recently after my blog caught the attention of Ryan O’connor. Ryan follows one of the world leaders of ketogenic research, Dominic d’agostino, who kindly tweeted about my journey using ketosis as a means of treatment for TBI.

We cover a range of topics including sleep, anxiety and keto food ideas so something in there for everyone.

The podcast can be found at

And on YouTube at

In my next blog I’ll respond to some questions I’ve fielded about the medications I was prescribed and the dosages – including how my body reacted to them. For those of you in a professional sport or work environment, perhaps you operate machinery or look after children, then I think this is something you want to be mindful of.

Take care and good luck with your keto diet, concussion rehab, or both.




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